General Meeting 18 August 2019

A General meeting of Members will be held on
Sunday August 18th at 12pm in the Heritage Chapel

This meeting has been called by The Trustee Board to seek approval from Members to make additions to clauses to the Heritage Chapel and Halls Constitution.  The proposed changes are as follow

Admission (addition to clauses)
An applicant for Membership should be known to the Trustees through relationship and involvement with the charity prior to application.

Hirer Group Nominated Representative (addition to clauses)
The CIO [Charitable Incorporated Organisation] invite one named representative to Membership, with full speaking and voting rights.  If individuals involved in the Hirer Group wish to attend a General meeting of the CIO, they are permitted to do so but carry no speaking or voting rights, unless they are Members in their own right as agreed by the Trustees through the application process in 9(1b).

Eligibility for Trusteeship (addition to clauses)
An applicant for Trusteeship must be a Member of the charity.

Appointment of Charity Trustees (addition to clauses)
Applications to stand as a Trustee should be made prior to a deadline of 21 days before the date of the AGM.  On receipt of an expression of interest the Chair will send to the applicant the Charity Commission’s guidance document ‘The Essential Trustee’, a copy of the Constitution and the CIO’s Code of Conduct for Trustees and check eligibility as set by the Charity Commission and the charity’s requirement for Trustees to have a ‘professed Christian faith’.  If the Trustee Board are satisfied that the applicant fulfils the criteria, their name will be put forward for ballot along with any serving Trustees standing for re-election by ballot of the Membership at the AGM.

A full copy of the proposed draft Constitution can be requested from Gill Crow (Chair) by email (see website ‘Contact Us’ section).  Gill is also available if you would like these proposed changes to be explained before the meeting.