Charity Tokens

Waitrose 'Community Matters', Rushden

The Heritage Chapel and Halls Charity has been put forward to be included in the Waitrose Charity Green Token Scheme which offers Green Tokens when making purchases at the tills.  These tokens may then be put into one of three boxes in the foyer and at the end of their month £1,000 is shared between those three charities in proportion to the amount of tokens placed in those boxes.

We have been advised that our Charity has been chosen to have
a box in the foyer during the whole of JULY 2019

Please remember your Green Tokens as they could provide us with a great share

The testimony above the box should read:

We provide and maintain this magnificent Grade II Listed Chapel and associated Halls for the use of people of all ages, without distinction of political, religious or other opinions, enabling the buildings to be used for meetings, and a host of recreation and leisure-time occupations for the benefit of the community.

Well, that's what it should have read!

At least we're up and running
but Waitrose have made changes to it.