Weekly Booklets

Weekly Booklets are given to members of the congregation each Sunday.
They contain full Details of the Service together with Forthcoming Events and any other useful information.

The booklet copies currently available to view are :

29th September 2019 Service for Police Sunday
led by Chaplain Lynda Randall
6th October 2019 Service led by Mr John Hutcherson  
13th October 2019 Service led by Mrs Gillian Crow  
20th October 2019 Service led by Cllr Ruth Groome  

It is intended to provide a complete copy of each Booklet on this website for the benefit of any members unable to attend Church, and for any other interested site visitor.  Currently they are being scanned in the order in which they appear in the booklet and uploaded at the earliest convenience after the relevant Sunday and it is expected they will remain on the site for about 4 weeks before being deleted.