Pulpit War Memorial

The Pulpit War Memorial is a very important part of our Heritage


The panel to the left side of the pulpit is inscribed:

                IN GRATEFUL
             MEMORY OF THE
            MEMBERS OF THIS
             SUNDAY SCHOOL
             WHO LOST THEIR
                LIVES IN THE
                WORLD WAR
                 1939 -- 1945



The panel to the right side of the pulpit is inscribed:

                           C. George Bird
                        Donald W. Burdett
                    Peter F. C. Causebrook
                    Winifred M. Cunnington
                        Charles A. Denton
                           Betty G. Elmer
                           Dennis Goode
                        Dennis H. Jeeves
                          Reginald Noble
                       Harold G. Sanders
                           John Skeeles
                           Eric J. Wilson


The War Memorial Dedication Service for those who fell in the
Second World War, 1939-1945, took place on 17th October 1948.

The Minister was the Rev. Norman Goldhawk.