Weekly Booklets

The Service Booklet copies currently available to view are :

21st June 2020 Scheduled preacher: Linnet Smith Enlarged
28th June 2020 Scheduled preacher: Michael Mabbutt Enlarged
5th July 2020 Scheduled preacher: Ruth Groome Enlarged
12th July 2020 Scheduled preacher: Greville Watson Enlarged

I am aware that our Editor, Wendy (God Bless her!), is working hard to squeeze all our inputs into a greatly reduced product and that some of the text is appearing quite small - and therefore may be more difficult for some people to read.
As from Easter Sunday, I will upload an Enlarged Version of the Service Booklet to run alongside the normal view. I trust this may be of extra benefit for the time being.

[Webmaster: 14:30 11th April 2020]

It is intended to provide a complete copy of each Booklet on this website for the benefit of any members unable to attend Church, and for any other interested site visitor.  Currently the pages are being scanned in the order in which they appear in the booklet and uploaded at the earliest convenience after the relevant Sunday, and it is expected they will remain on the site for about 4 weeks before being deleted.

The Trustees have decided that it is wise to await publication of the Government's detailed guidance document for Places of Worship and Community Centres before The Heritage Chapel and Halls re-opens to the public. Therefore we will not be re-opening until we are satisfied that all risk measures recommnded are assessed and in place with appropriate COVID-19 cleaning standards implemented for the safety of our users and congregation.
[Updated: 16:00 1st July 2020]

As there are no full Service Booklets available until the situation returns to anything like normal it is our intention to continue to produce something on a smaller scale each week, with some prayers, hymns and readings passed to us by the preacher who should have occupied our pulpit on that Sunday.
Keep safe - Keep well - and God Bless

[Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible: Webmaster]